#42: CMC

open day at the cemetery = cherry night at the embassy = red session at the hospital = milk passout at the opera = black aftershock at the bookmakers = quick sachet at the taxi-rank = duff apple at the crematorium = silk butter in the engine = sherbet bullet in the curryhouse = lemon newspapers in the asylum = catfish lights in the station = leper mannequin in the kisok = silk butplug in the PO Box = gauze stamp in the hard drive = amphetamine salad in the photocopier = lippy pork at the jury service = lobster amulet in the pancake = tampon tealight in the icebox = slippy visa in the birdbox = iron sock in the toybox = salami wrestler at the conference = eternal recurrence at the abattoir


#41: TJ

#40: CMC

Indecent Exposure, the new his & her scent from

#39: TJ

#38: CMC


Why did you put your finger in your mouth in London?

I didn’t put my finger in my mouth in London.

Whose finger did you put in your mouth in London?

I didn’t put anyone’s finger in my mouth in London.

Whose finger was it then?

#37: TJ

#36: CMC


: Hop-scotching dog shits on the pavement

: Knots of bronze

: You know about the white ones?

: The white ones?

: White dog shits

: What?

: Butcher’s bones – turns to calcium in the intestines

: How do strays get the butcher’s bones – is it a Beano chase?

: It’s not the strays, they eat out the back of the bakers

: People own these dogs?

: They let them out to shit just to keep their alleys clean

: The strays live better without the love

: Did I tell you my grandad invented the poopscoop?

: No

: He ripped the sponge from his wringable mop and put a plastic bag there

: Patented?

: No, he kept it the colour it was